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Have question about our electric cargo bikes? Give us a call. Baere Bikes is a small team of passionate parents and cycling enthusiasts. Its our mission to reduce the number of cars on the road and help family have fun cycling adventures!


Will I be able to pedal if there is a heavy load in the box?

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Yes! The bikes are designed with electric assist motors, so you will have electric power going to the pedals to help you move. Even pedaling up hills is a breeze with the electric assist.

Will my bike come assembled?

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Your bike will arrive unassembled and flat-packed in a cardboard box.

We recommend you take it to a bike shop or work with a local mechanic to assemble it. Assembling an electric cargo bike is more complex than a two-wheeled bike and takes more time and skill to do correctly. We do not recommend assembling the bike yourself unless you are a trained mechanic.

Are the Stockholm and Copenhagen difficult to turn?

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Our 3-wheeled bikes turn very well and are easy to handle! If you are at a standstill, you
may meet some friction between the tires and the ground, so you may need to rock your bike back and forth to turn from a standstill. Once in motion the bikes turn easily.

Note that the turning motion is different than a traditional 2-wheeled bike and it may take you a ride or two to get used to it. To turn you need to push the handles left or right instead of twist the handles like you would on a traditional bike. Check out our videos to see what the bikes look like in action!

How should I maintain my bike?

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Your Baere Bike should be maintained in the same way you would maintain any city or road bike, this includes keeping the bike clean, keeping the bike well oiled, and taking the bike into your local bike shop for regular tune ups. Your local bike shop should be fully capable of servicing your Baere Bike as all the components used are standard parts from major suppliers which local shops will be familiar with.

What should I do if I need a repair?

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We’ve designed our bikes with components from tier 1 suppliers, like LG, Shimano, and Kenda, so we don’t expect you’ll need many repairs. However, in the event you do need a
fix, take your bike into your local bike shop. All parts used in your bike are standard components and should be available at most bike shops. If you ever have troubles sourcing spare parts you can contact us directly and we’d be happy to assist!

How do I load cargo into my bike?

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The Copenhagen and the Stockholm have parking features built into the breaks, so they won’t roll away from you.

Can I take the bench seats out if I want to haul cargo?

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Yes! The bench seats can be easily removed in all models.

Children and Safety

How many children can fit in the box?

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This depends on your model. The Stockholm has space and seatbelts for 2 in the box. The Copenhagen has space and seatbelts for 4 in the box.

Does the bike come with seatbelts?

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Yes! There are 2 seatbelts per bench in all our cargo bikes. We recommend only carrying as many children in the cargo box as you have seatbelts for.

Are helmets required?

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Yes! Helmets should be worn by anyone pedaling or riding in the box. We offer helmets in the Accessories section of our website, or you can purchase a helmet through your local bike shop.

How much weight can the bike carry in the box?

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The load in the box should not exceed 200 lbs. Ensure the load is evenly distributed to avoid tipping. Heavy objects should be centered in the box to the greatest extent possible.

Electric Assist

Do I have to pedal?

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Yes, for safety reasons the electric motor only activates if you are pushing on the pedals.

Can I adjust my speed?

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Yes! You can increase and decrease how much pedal assistance you are given via your display. The more pedal assistance you get, the faster you go!

What is the battery’s range?

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All our bikes use a 36V battery. For normal city use without overly heavy loads, you should be able to get ~20 miles on a charge. Your actual milage per change will vary depending on the battery’s age, how much load you are carrying, how fast you are going, and the terrain you are riding over (e.g., hilly versus flat).

If you want to go on extra long rides, we recommend purchasing a second battery so you can swap it out for the ride home!

The bikes can be easily ridden without the electric assist, so if your battery does go flat, you can still pedal home.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

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Typically, the battery needs 4+ hours to charge to 100%, however, in most cases the battery can charge to >80% in ~2.5 hours (the remaining 1.5+ hours is “top up” the battery cell to 100%).

What happens if I run out of battery while riding?

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Keep on riding! All our bikes can be ridden perfectly fine without the electric assist motor. In fact, some customers choose to ride without the electric assist if they want a bit of extra exercise!

Payment, Shipping, and Returns

What forms of payment do you accept?

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We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard and American Express). We also work with Affirm for customers who prefer to finance their purchase.

Can I finance my purchase?

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Yes! We have partnered with Affirm who offer our customers the option to finance their purchase over 36 months.

Your rate will be based on credit, and is subject to an eligibility check. Payment options through Affirm are provided by these lending partners: Options depend on your purchase amount, and a down payment may be required..

What is your return policy?

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We offer a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can purchase with total peace of mind. If you aren't happy with the product, we will organize a return shipment for you. Shipping fees are charged on returns.

Does my bike come with a warranty?

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Yes! We offer a one year limited warranty on our products. Please visit our warranty page.

Where do you ship to?

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We ship to everywhere in the United States & Canada. Our standard shipping rate for the US is $299. Additional shipping fees will apply orders to Alaska & Hawaii. Shipping to Canada is $399.

How will my bike be delivered to me?

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You will receive your bike flat packed in two large rectangular boxes.

Still have questions? Get in touch!

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