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Electric cargo bikes are not only fun they SAVE you money!

Gas prices are on the rise, these days filling your tank can cost $100+. If you're driving children to school or soccer practice, you could be spending hundreds of dollars each week on gas. In addition to the cost of gas, an average family will pay hundreds of dollars each month for car insurance, not to mention maintenance costs. These bills really stack up...

When you purchase a Baere Bike, you eliminate a big chunk of your driving, meaning you save big each week at the pump. Further, a lot of families find they can eliminate one vehicle, meaning even more savings on insurance, maintenance, and other costs!

Baere Bikes offers flexible financing options through Affirm. With Affirm, you only pay a few hundred per month, so your Baere Bike pays for itself with the money you've saved on gas with savings left over to treat yourself to a coffee during your Sunday ride!

We're also all doing everything we can to reduce CO2 emissions, and short drives make up a large part of your family's carbon footprint. By switching from driving to riding, you're doing your part to reduce climate change and create a greener planet for your children.

Try out the fuel cost calculator to see how much you'll save by swapping drives to school or the soccer field for fun-filled family rides on your Baere Bike.

Fuel Cost Calculator

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