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About Us

Bære Bikes was born while Stewart, Bære Bike's Founder and Chief Bike Mechanic, was on a trip to Copenhagen. While walking around Copenhagen's busy streets he was impressed by the Scandinavian cargo bike designs he saw. As the son of a proud Dane, Stewart was determined to bring a quality cargo bike back to North America so that he could share the fun with his friends and family. Stewart enlisted the help of his brother and cycling enthusiast Nicholas as well as good friend and weekend road warrior Killian to turn the dream into a reality. 

The trio set out on a mission to design and produce a series of high quality cargo bikes that matched the look of the bikes on the streets in Denmark at price that wouldn't break the bank for an average family.

The result? The Bære Bikes cargo bike trio! The bikes are named after the Scandinavian capitals, an homage to the inspiration that led to their creation. The name "Bære" comes from the Danish word for "carry". The team chose Bære because it captures both the bike's Danish origin as well as describes what makes the bikes different, that they can carry you, your kids, your groceries, and whatever else you can think of!

True to the company's Danish roots, Bære Bikes are only constructed out of the highest quality materials and are made to last. Bære Bikes will never sacrifice on quality and are committed to helping families in North America go green by skipping the car and taking their bike instead.

We're sure you'll love your bike as much as we do!

meet the team

Stewart Jensen

Founder and Chief Bike Mechanic

Son of a proud Danish immigrant, Stewart discovered the concept for Baere Bikes while on a trip back to Denmark with his father. After seeing cargo bikes on the streets of Copenhagen, he set out on a mission to bring the classic Scandinavian design back to North America!

Favorite Baere Bike: The Oslo
Greatest achievement on a bike: Cycled >100 miles in a day

Nicholas Jensen

VP of Weekend Baere Bike Testing

Nicholas loves cycling and has been all over the world on his bike. Nicholas loves taking his daughter for weekend rides in their Baere Bike. Nicholas' favorite part about his Baere Bike is the electric motor, which is so silent nobody knows he's using it to get over hills!

Favorite Baere Bike: The Copenhagen
Greatest achievement on a bike: Cycled up the Alpe d'Huez

Killian lannen

VP of Clocking Kilometers

Killian spends most of his weekends touring around on his bike. The Baere Bike concept has changed Killian's life for the better. He no longer commutes by car, and can regularly be seen riding his Baere Bike with his groceries & dog sitting in the cargo box!

Favorite Baere Bike: The Stockholm
Greatest achievement on a bike: Cycled Malin to Mizen which is the length of Ireland (354 mi)

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