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Why a Cargo Bike Will Be Great for Your Family

Why a Cargo Bike Will Be Great for Your Family

Cycling is an activity that the whole family can get involved in. It's both fun and a way to bond through fitness — some great exploring can be done, and some even greater memories can be made. 

However, if your children are still too small to ride their own bikes, you may think it's an exercise that will have to wait until they grow a bit older, right? Wrong.

Cargo bikes could be the answer you've been looking for. Originally built to hold extra loads while cycling, they can often carry two or more people in the cargo box. So, if there's a cycle route you've had your eye on for a while but wondered how you'd incorporate the kids in, you've found the perfect solution. 

Discover why a cargo bike will be great for your family and some of its most significant benefits. You'll be cycling as a family in your electric cargo bike along the coast or around town in no time!

1. They're Easy to Use

Your brand-new family cargo bike will make getting around with your family much easier. They allow you to do all the usual things you'd usually do on a bicycle, but with more practicality. For example, you can carry excess luggage or groceries much more easily or even take your children to and from school. 

And alongside providing excellent functionality, a family cargo bike also promotes healthy living, as it allows you to do all the things you'd need a car for without driving one. Say hello to sustainability and an environmentally-friendly way to get around.

Bigger families with more than one child will likely need more space to cart the shopping home. For this, the Baere Bikes family bikes, The Copenhagen or The Stockholm, are a great choice. Sturdy, deep, and extremely spacious, you'll have no trouble fitting the kids in next to the weekly groceries on Baere Bikes cargo bikes. 

These are also great options if you want to go on a family bike ride at the weekend and take a picnic with you. Just make sure your kiddies don't get their hands on the sandwiches before you get there!

If you're looking for smaller Baere Bikes family bikes, The Oslo might be a better choice. The design is slim but this cargo bike still offers a generous amount of space for one or two children and room for your belongings. 

2. You Can Travel Long Distances

The great thing about an electric cargo bike is that you can take long trips with it. Rather than a traditional model, where you'd typically have to keep stopping to conserve your energy, an electric model makes it easier to embark on longer adventures with you and your family while still helping you stay fit. 

The help of an electric cargo bike assist will also make those steep hills feel a little less daunting, especially if you've got your little one in the front. Despite a lot of extra help, an electric cargo bike costs very little to keep charged. 

And it's not just the countryside or coastal areas you'll have more access to, either. Many families who live in cities and urban environments have taken a shine to the electric cargo bike because it provides a new dimension to discovering different parts of an area. 

For example, those who live in cities could opt for a family cargo bike instead of jumping on the subway as often. There are so many parks and attractions that you can access on foot, and especially during the summer months, it can make the (sometimes) stifling feeling of living in a city a little less intense. 

So, by being family-friendly, versatile, and allowing you to travel longer distances, there's no reason you can't embark on an exciting adventure with your new Baere Bikes cargo bikes.

3. They Can Improve Your Health

As well as the practical side we already mentioned, and allowing you to explore the surrounding areas of where you live, one of the significant benefits of a cargo bike is the health benefits it provides. 

Many families who use the Baere Bikes cargo bikes credit the family-orientated aspect of the models, as it allows them to get fitter and healthier together. Couples can go on adventure dates together, or a mother and child can cycle to school instead of driving. 

And the more you use your cargo bike, the fitter your body will become, enhancing your overall health. 

As well as the obvious physical benefits, there's also an array of logistical and environmental reasons Baere Bikes cargo bikes are growing in popularity, especially regarding swapping the car for cycling. 

We all know that cars are expensive to run. There's insurance, tax, repairs, etc., that all add up and cost you a pretty penny. The initial price of an electric cargo bike is less than a car, and no extra payments need to be made afterward. Cars also clog up roads and pollute the air, causing unnecessary amounts of CO2 emissions to enter our lungs. Fewer cars on the road mean happier lungs and healthier bodies — it's that simple.

For families with young children, an electric cargo bike can help you achieve these fitness goals and reduce pollution without causing you too much stress. For example, imagine being able to cycle to the park with an 18-month old in tow, rather than worrying about taking them on the subway and finding a seat. Instead, a family cargo bike will give you the freedom to be able to travel on your own terms whenever you want.

4. They're Great Value for Money

There's nothing better than the phrase “good value for money”, is there? When you purchase an electric cargo bike, you are making an investment that will benefit you for many years to come. 

A family cargo bike is one of the most affordable modes of transportation. This is also good news for those who don't drive, as it's a cost-effective way to get around with your children rather than always depending on public transit or walking.

Aside from the lower upfront cost compared to a car, a family cargo bike will also cost less in the long run. With a regular tune-up, an electric cargo bike can last for generations. And maintenance will cost very little every year. Compare this to a car that depreciates quickly every year and costs hundreds of dollars to maintain. 

How to Travel With Small Children on Baere Bikes Family Bikes  

And when traveling with small kids in tow, there are some tips you should be aware of. All of which will help your journey go as smoothly as possible:

Invest in a Safe Family Cargo Bike

Of course, you want to start with a high-quality family cargo bike that you can trust to keep you, your belongings, and your children safe. 

Baere Bikes offers a range of models at varying prices that are ideal for families of all sizes. Perfect for transporting young children around and keeping them secure (they all have seatbelts), the designs are attractive, and the engineering is top of the class.

Pack Light

If you're pedaling with little ones on board, you're probably going to want to pack light. If you think you'll be carrying quite a bit regularly, the Baere Bikes Copenhagen model could be the best option. This family cargo bike will allow you to pedal easier up hills and on long rides with still enough room for storage. 

Plan Your Route

It's best to always choose your route in advance so that you can have a safe way to go. If you want to avoid traffic, but you know that some back roads may be a little tight, the Oslo model will help you as it's a zippier option and perfect for side streets. 

It's also good to be prepared if you're in a new area. Make sure you know exactly how long the trip will take and find the safest route. You don't want to be cycling along rugged cliff paths with your children in the front seat! Instead, hit up Google Maps and find the child and pet-friendly pathways.

Plan Ahead With a Rain Cover

There's no need to worry about a bit of rainfall when you have a cover that is specifically designed to fit over your family cargo bike. Having a rain cover is essential, especially if you live in an area susceptible to a lot of rain. While you may get slightly damp on your journey, at least the kids, groceries, and pets will stay lovely and dry for the trip!

Rain covers are available for every cargo bike model at Bare Bikes and can be easily installed in just 5 minutes.

Make Sure the Kids are Comfy

If you're planning on taking a long trip, you want to make sure your children (and the pets) are as comfortable as possible.

You can treat your passengers to a comfy seat cushion to make the ride even smoother. You can upgrade your Baere Bike with seat cushions made from genuine leather, they're sturdy and can withstand any weather condition.

Factor in How Long You Can Cycle With Children

As well as catering to your children, it would be best if you were realistic about how long you can cycle with them. It will be easier on flat terrain than if you plan on cycling through rough landscapes and hills.

Start Your Cargo Bike Journey

An electro cargo bike is an excellent option for family travel. Not only will your health and the environment thank you, but you'll also be able to create the most beautiful memories with your family exploring the great outdoors.

When you need a reliable family cargo bike, Baere Bikes is a great option. With the modern features of the bicycles and various model designs, you can find the Baere Bikes family bikes that are the perfect choice for you. 

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