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Family Cargo Bike the Stockholm

Introducing the Stockholm: A Two-Seater Cargo Bike Perfect for Pets and Families

Around the world, bicycles are increasingly popular. However, drivers who need space to transport heavy loads are faced with a dilemma. How can you pick up groceries, bring your dog to the vet, or take your kids to school without a car?

Enter the Stockholm. This revolutionary family cargo bike comes equipped with a powerful electric motor, durable tier one components, and ample space for storing and transporting almost anything. Keep reading for a full run-down of the functions and features of this excellent family ride.

An Electric Cargo Bike with Speed, Space, and Style

This one-of-a-kind electric cargo bike comes fully loaded. Once you're on the road, the Stockholm's 250-watt electric motor will propel you along at a top speed of roughly 20 miles per hour, perfect for traveling through the city. One fully charged battery will let your cargo ebike cruise up to twenty-five miles depending on the terrain, road conditions, and the size of your load. You can always pick up a spare battery to stow under the bench if you think you'll be taking your family cargo bike farther than that.

The box at the front of the cargo ebike features a wooden bench with two seat belts that can be completely removed to increase the storage area. There's a door at the front of the box for easy access that latches firmly while the bike is moving for maximum security. Your kids, pets, piles of fresh produce, and beach party supplies will all ride in comfort and style no matter where you're headed in your e-cargo bike.

Experience a Powerful and Convenient Family Cargo Bike

In stark contrast to its smooth, sleek appearance, the Stockholm is a powerful electric cargo bike with a front carrying capacity of 200 pounds and a rear rack that can safely transport another 55 pounds. Its impressive hauling capabilities make this e-cargo bike an ideal choice for transporting heavy loads over short to medium distances. 

No kids to tote around? The bed of the storage box makes a comfortable hangout space for dogs, plants, groceries, lumber, and anything else you might need to move from one place to another. Head down to your local party supply store and spend some of the money you're saving on gas to celebrate your entry into a car-free way of living.

A Range of Lifestyle-Specific Accessories

Hello, options! Customize your new electric cargo bike with various accessories specifically designed to enhance your e-cargo bike experience.

First, add a touch of luxury the whole family will enjoy with our sumptuous leather seat cushions. Designed to withstand the elements and customized to fit the bike's bench perfectly, these cushions will transform your family cargo bike into a luxury vehicle. 

If you're planning to transport young children using your cargo ebike, pick up an infant or child's seat to maximize safety. These seats come equipped with a three-point harness to ensure your little ones travel in comfort and security, and they feature a removable cover for easy clean-up. The infant seat is designed for use from 0 to 9 months, while the toddler seats can accommodate children ages 7 to 18 months.

Concerned about zipping through the rain on your e-cargo bike? Worry no longer with our fabulous see-through rain cover, complete with roll-up sides for easy access to the bike box. Your kids, pets, and other precious cargo will be kept safe and dry as you pilot your electric cargo bike through the elements.

Complete the weather-proofing of your new family cargo bike with a waterproof floor mat designed to keep the wooden parts of the bike box clean and dry. The mats are a breeze to install and can be easily removed for cleaning. As a bonus, adding one of these mats to the floor of your cargo ebike will give your dog a comfortable place to hang out while you're out on the road together.

What if you want to take a longer ride through town? Pick up a spare battery to ensure you'll be able to keep cruising long after the first one runs out of juice. Your extra battery can be stored under the bench in the bike's storage area for maximum convenience.

Why Choose the Stockholm?

Having to move your car and look for parking every time you need to haul cargo is no way to live. Unless you're transporting a soccer team, chances are you'll be able to fit whatever you need to carry in the front box of an electric cargo bike. As gas prices continue to rise to new heights, there's never been a better time to protect your bank account by leaving the car at home and cruising out on your family cargo bike instead.

Besides, since when has driving a car done anything for your health? Any time you want a little extra exercise while riding your cargo e-bike, all you have to do is switch off the electric assist and start pedaling. Turn the motor back on the minute you start to get tired while still enjoying light movement.

Switching to the cargo ebike lifestyle isn't just a smart choice for your wallet or your health: it's also beneficial for the entire planet. The Institute for Transportation and Development Policy estimates that if even half of all short trips were made by bicycle or e-cargo bike instead of by car, the world could save up to 300 tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year. How often do you get to do something that's great for you, your family, and the environment all at the same time?

In Conclusion

The e-bicycle revolution is here to stay. Living in the city requires mobility, versatility, and savvy money-saving tactics, not to mention an ability to make the best possible use of limited space. When it comes to urban transportation, cars are just no match for a top-of-the-line electric cargo bike.

If you're in the market for a cargo ebike that's perfect for transporting a big dog, a week's worth of groceries, a pile of laundry, or a couple of kids, the Stockholm might be your perfect match.

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