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How a Cargo Bike Will Save You and Your Family Money

How a Cargo Bike Will Save You and Your Family Money

Life is getting expensive, and one of the most costly expenses is your vehicle. The electric cargo bike has become a popular modern alternative to automobile transport worldwide. It has several conveniences, and adopting the family cargo bike lifestyle can save you a surprising amount of money.

But how did this mode of transportation become so popular, and how can it save you money? Here, we'll cover everything you need to know about how you can start saving by investing in some quality wheels like what you'll find from Baere Bikes. 

What Is a Cargo Bike?

They are essentially bikes with a solid or weaved basket or rack built in that allows them to hold items. They are used for both personal and commercial purposes for various reasons. They come with different-sized cargo baskets, depending on your carrying needs. 

In addition to size options, many designs are available to suit your needs. 

Some are simple, with large front racks that can carry more than the typical bike basket design can. The cargo rack is larger and placed lower on other ones, allowing the owner to carry more items. Some bikes can also come with a smaller front wheel, which minimizes the gravity center to help them carry heavier loads. Some models have a range of gears to make tackling the hills with a load easier. 

You can get bicycles with custom-designed frames and have the option to purchase extra accessories. Some of these specialized bikes can carry as much as 800 pounds. You can even get an electric cargo bike, which comes in handy when you need extra power to get up the hills.

For a high-quality model, Baere Bikes is a popular choice. They come in a variety of styles and with a range of accessories to customize your bike. The Baere Bikes family bikes are an especially popular choice. When you purchase an electric cargo bike with a family design, you can easily get around town with your children.  

A Brief History of the Cargo Bike

After their invention in Denmark, tradespeople, such as bakers and milkmen, would use them primarily to deliver goods to their clients. They soon spread and were used widely in other countries. 

At the time, they came in a few main designs, depending on the country in which they were being manufactured and used. The modern-day Baere Bikes family bikes are based on these early Danish prototypes. 

The use of the cargo bicycle declined after cars were invented, but it never ceased to be a viable mode of transport. They are more recently having a revival. Now, they can help by giving you the opportunity for significant savings if you swap your car for one of these. 

What is the Cargo Bike Lifestyle?

This is essentially a way of life whereby people use cargo bikes rather than cars to get around. This way of life is exceptionally convenient for people in cities and smaller suburbs where one doesn't have to go too far to get to work, schools, shops, friends, and the like. 

On a Baere Bikes family bike, you can transport yourself and anything you can imagine needing to carry. For example, you can use the cargo space to transport:

  • Luggage
  • Delivery goods
  • Kids
  • A dog

It's suitable for getting to and from work as well as weekend leisure and pleasure trips. And with an electric cargo bike, you won't arrive at work sweaty and looking like you just ran a marathon.

How a Cargo Bike Can Save You Money

Now, let's get down to the nitty-gritty. How can exchanging your car for Baere Bikes cargo bikes really save you money, and benefit your life overall?

We researched seven ways a cargo bike lifestyle would save you money. The figures and answers may surprise you. 

1. Save on Purchase Cost 

A significant area where people wanting to switch to the cargo bike lifestyle will save cash is the initial outlay for their vehicle. The average purchasing cost of a new car in the USA is $45,000

The Baere Bikes cargo bikes cost only around a few thousand dollars, depending on your selected model. This investment will also last you years and years. 

2. No Need to Pay for Fuel

With fuel prices continuing to climb, changing to the cargo bike lifestyle can save you nearly $2000 a year by just eliminating fuel from your budget. That is a massive, worthwhile saving that can make a big difference in your family's life. You may be able to afford more of the things you want if a large chunk of your income is no longer being spent on a car's fuel and you opt for a family cargo bike lifestyle.

If you go for an electric cargo bike, you will still have the cost of charging it. But it is much less expensive than a car. On average, it's just a few cents a day added to your energy bill that works out to about $20-$30 annually.

Your family cargo bike will thus still save you a significant amount of money, even if it is electronic. 

3. Registration, Licensing, and Taxes

In some states, it is costly to register your vehicle. Many states charge over $600 a year to fully register your vehicle and sort out taxes which will add up quickly over the years. 

You typically just need to register the serial number with transportation authorities on your family cargo bike. Some states may require you to pay a small fee for a permit, but it is minimal compared to the licensing and registration costs associated with owning and driving a car.  

4. Cheaper Routine Maintenance

The necessary routine services and maintenance on a vehicle typically costs around $900 per year and increases the more you drive. These figures are just for regular care. Car maintenance costs can skyrocket even further if you have a crash or a breakdown. 

With Baere Bikes and other cargo bicycles, your routine costs vary from $50 to $150 per tune-up. A more severe service can cost up to $300. This is still far more affordable than vehicle repair and maintenance expenses. 

5. Insurance Savings

Your Baere Bikes family bikes will also save you a large chunk of cash on insurance. Vehicle insurance costs over $1500 every year, while you do not have to insure your bicycle to ride it. You can include it under your household insurance to help cover concerns like theft and damage to property. 

This kind of coverage doesn't kick in when you are away from home, but you can take out a policy that will help if you are concerned about anything going wrong. You can talk to your insurance broker for more details. The cost of this insurance will be marginal compared to vehicle coverage. 

6. No More Parking Costs

Did you know that Americans spend thousands of dollars on parking every year? This is becoming a significant issue in large cities due to an increased number of people living and working in town, thus a lack of space. Circling for ages to find a spot can also be frustrating and cost you more fuel. 

A family cargo bike can be parked for free almost anywhere. You just need to buy a quality lock and chain to be safe while you leave it at a rack. 

In this way, Baere Bikes cargo bikes can save you all that money that is otherwise pretty much thrown away on paying and searching for parking. 

7. Health Benefits

Beyond the financial cost, investing in Baere Bikes can save you on medical bills. People who cycle are much more fit and healthy, which reduces their risk of significant health events like heart attack, stroke, high cholesterol, etc. Healthier people are also less likely to catch illnesses because their immune system is stronger

Exercise also helps reduce stress, and it releases more endorphins in the brain, which makes you feel happier. This means that cycling is better not only for your physical well-being but also for your mental health. 

It is impossible to quantify these highly personal impacts on health, but studies show that cycling is much better for your health than driving and can help you avoid expensive medical care. 

Bonus Benefit: Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

We all love saving money by avoiding costly doctor's appointments and a trip to the gas station. But for those concerned about the planet's future, it's hard to ignore the environmental benefits that come with the financial ones. 

Even having an electric cargo bike rather than a pedal model will reduce your carbon footprint and be gentler on the planet. 

Even if you use your bike once during your day and then use public transportation for the rest of it, you can reduce your emissions by 67%. That's huge. No doubt going for this way of life reduces the pressure on the earth's precious resources.


As you can see, by switching to the transport lifestyle of Baere Bikes, you stand to gain so much. You'll save thousands of dollars a year while making better decisions for your health and the planet. 

By investing in high-quality Baere Bikes cargo bikes, you can see the difference you're looking for in your budget every month. So grab one for yourself and start enjoying the benefits. 

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