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A Four-Seater Cargo Bike Built for Families: The Copenhagen

A Four-Seater Cargo Bike Built for Families: The Copenhagen

As gas prices continue to rise and city streets become more and more congested with car traffic, many parents are looking for alternate transportation methods for their young families. For those who live in cities with protected bike lanes, the idea of skipping the street traffic and cruising along on two wheels is extremely tempting.

However, if you've ever tried to cart kids, groceries, or pets around using a self-powered bicycle, you know how difficult it can be to maneuver and propel that much weight using just your own two legs. And if you live in an even remotely hilly area, forget about it! What you need is an electric family cargo bike.

Enter the Copenhagen. This electric cargo bike has the space and maneuverability to safely transport your kids, pets, groceries, and whatever else you might need to cart around, making it the perfect family e-bike. Keep reading for a full run-down of the features, specifications, and available accessories for this first-class e-cargo bike.

A Powerful Electric Cargo Bike

Whether you're transporting kids, dogs, groceries, or any other cargo, the Copenhagen is the e-cargo bike of choice for heavy and precious loads. The front cargo space can hold up to 200 pounds, while the included rear rack can hold 55 pounds, putting the total carrying capacity (minus the rider) for this family e-bike at a whopping 255 pounds.

The top speed for this electric family cargo bike depends on the load you're carrying, as does the distance your e-cargo bike will travel on one battery charge. On average, the Copenhagen can travel up to 20 miles per hour for a total distance of about 25 miles. According to a 2021 study by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, 52% of car trips taken in the United States are under three miles long, so that's plenty of juice to last for most jaunts around town on your family bike.

Interested in getting a workout while you're piloting your e-cargo bike? You can shut off the motor and power your family bike with the pedals alone. The electric-assist turns back on easily, so if you get tired or encounter a huge hill you can switch your family e-bike back to electric mode immediately.

Room for the Whole Family

Move over, minivan! The Copenhagen boasts seating for four, making this spacious e-cargo bike an obvious choice for families who want to transport their young children around town. Each seat space in this family e-bike comes with an attached seatbelt for maximum safety and security.

There's a compartment inside the front bench of this e-cargo bike where you can stash a spare battery, repair tools, sunscreen, or whatever else you might need. You can even take all the benches out entirely, turning your family bike into a powerful e-cargo bike with room to haul just about anything over a short distance.

Do you have a baby or toddler to drive around on your family bike? Don't worry; this one-of-a-kind electric family cargo bike can be outfitted with an infant seat for 0 to 9-month-olds or a toddler seat suitable for 7 to 18-month-olds. Transporting babies and toddlers under 18 months of age in this electric family cargo bike is not recommended without installing the proper age-appropriate seats.

Additional Accessories

Along with baby and toddler seats, this top-of-the-line family bike can be customized with various accessories to enhance its comfort and utility.

For instance, what about rainy days? You can add a transparent rain cover to protect your little ones from the elements while still allowing them to see where you're going. Include the optional waterproof floor mat to protect the wood from water damage and muddy shoes.

Concerned about your kids' comfort while sitting for longer rides on the wooden benches of your family e-bike? Consider adding a chic leather seat cushion to your family bike so your little ones will be riding in style.

We also recommend picking up an extra battery with the purchase of your new family e-bike. That way, if you ever need to go farther than 25 miles on your electric family cargo bike, you'll be able to swap out the battery immediately rather than waiting around for it to charge. Add on as many spare batteries as you think you might need to keep your electric cargo bike running.

Why Choose the Copenhagen?

As bicycles become more and more popular methods of urban transportation and exercise, special lanes for e-cargo bike riders to use are becoming more plentiful and safer for everyone. This makes an electric family cargo bike like the Copenhagen a first-rate transportation solution for families with young kids who need to get their children to school, to sports practice, or anywhere else. Cruising along on your family e-bike beats sitting in traffic any day of the week.

Plus, you'll be amazed at the money you save on gas by choosing an electric cargo bike over driving your car in the city. Driving your electric family cargo bike just uses up battery power, and you can always bring an additional battery along for longer trips. Stash your spare battery in the convenient bench compartment at the front of your electric cargo bike so you won't forget it.

The Bottom Line

You may have thought electric bicycles were only for delivery drivers and people with small loads to carry around. However, thanks to the development of specialized family bikes like the Copenhagen, you can transport your whole family wherever they need to go in safety and style while also doing right by the environment. 

Whether you're traveling with kids, pets, sporting goods, party supplies, or all of the above, you can't go wrong with this top-of-the-line electric family cargo bike.

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